Edit Instagram Photos: Using Instagram Filters & More

Did you ever ask yourself, while scrolling down your Instagram feed, how come other people have better-looking photos than you?

The most important thing about posting on Instagram is to make sure that your photos are top quality. How good your photos are, determines whether your popularity will rise or fall. If you capture amazing photos and make them impeccable by editing them, I promise you that you will gain thousands of followers. This is why we created this ease to use step-by-step guide for editing your Instagram photos.

Step 1- A perfect photo

No matter how much time you invest in editing your photograph, if the quality isn’t top notch, you’re just wasting your time.  When it comes to posting something that will attract people’s attention you must keep in mind that high-quality is a must. The photo must have the potential to look great even before you start tweaking it.

Capturing a great looing photo isn’t rocket science, and you can do it even if you aren’t a professional photographer. Look online for some tips and implement them. Most important thing, as most photographers will tell you, is the lighting of a photo. You should avoid poorly lighted areas when choosing a location for your photo session. Another thing to have in mind is the angle from which you take the picture, be creative and make artistic approach, so you don’t end up with an average photo.

Step 2- Use other apps when editing

Although this step is optional, it is highly recommended if you want to maximize the quality of your photos. Instead of using the effects on your phone of those provided by Instagram editing app, try using Afterlight or Snapseed applications. They are extremely easy to use, and your photos will look as if professionals edited them.

Step 3- Uploading and using a filter

Now is the time to post your photo on Instagram. Instagram will crop your photos by default. To avoid this click on the expand icon in the bottom left a corner of the screen.

Best Instagram Like Free Photo Editor Software For Windows And Mac

Now you can choose a filter. The good thing about it is that you already added some effects by previously editing your photo, so now you can enhance it even more. The best thing is to try them all and see how each effect impacts the quality of your photo.

Step 4- Simple editing tools

You are almost finished! Now is the time to use simple editing tools by taping the wrench icon located below your photo to the right. There you can set different effects including brightness, structure, saturation, shadows, contrast, warmth and alignment. Personally, I like to try them all to see which one fits best.

So there you have if, you’ve created an amazing photo that everyone will like and share. If you followed this guide step-by-step, the final product should be a top notch picture. Now, you popularity can only rise, and you’ll start gaining followers before you know it.

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PSN plus code generator

The PlayStation Network or PSN is the best online gaming system in the world. It puts the player in a virtual world where he can play, explore new spaces, socialize with other players, and much more. The only problem is that the service can be a little expensive. Gamers enjoy PSN because of the capabilities it provides, but games too can be expensive.

The PSN store is where you’ll get all you need. You can get games for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita as well. The system works on codes that are being sold on websites and stores. Once you use them, you’ll receive virtual money on your PSN wallet.

The network is really easy to access. All you need to do is to create a profile on the network for free. Each user gets a full list of games that include all genres. The PSN has over 65 million active users, so you’ll never run out of friends to play online with.

Of course, you get to customize everything about the PlayStation Network. Personalize your avatar and your apartment with the many rewards and other items available for purchase.

You will be able to log online to download and enjoy games with your friends. An entirely new world of offers and a very busy gaming community awaits. You can also turn your PS3 into the best entertainment system for the entire family. Oh yes, it is all free.

Playing games by yourself can be fun on the PSN, but playing with friends is much better. Millions of players like you are waiting to be challenged online so answer their call and dominate them in online matches.

You can get the PSN items and credits by getting a code. Click on the link and the free psn plus codes generator will produce a code which you can use for online purchasing. The codes are valid and safe to use. They are a sequence of numbers and letters which you will exchange for whatever you need.

The generator will help you create $10, $20, and $50 codes which you can use to purchase items at the PS store. There is no need to spend money on tools and subscriptions. People often wonder why would anyone share free codes. We are ourselves gamers that share the same passion as you. We know how much games cost and we want to help those in need with free PSN access.

This PSN code generator has made thousands of players really happy. It is completely secure and you can find all you need right here. There is no need to be suspicious, just click on the generate button and get your hands on free codes right now. You can always return for some more. Get your codes right now and enjoy everything that PlayStation Network has to offer without even spending a dime.

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How to make better Instagram photos

Instagram is leading photo sharing service and it serves more than 300 uses with the tendency of increase. If you are serious about your online business you should be on Instagram and promote your products or business. Maybe you are not a business person, nevertheless you can promote your self! In order to be successful Instagram user you must have a good, quality photos and we will show you how to make better Instagram photos. With better photos you will get more attention with similar effect like hack for free instagram followers. In any case you will be noticed!

If you are serious about Instagram first thing that you should do is not to use their application! Not use actual app to take your shot! Your Instagram app does not have necessary functions that may create a professional, quality photo. It can’t zoom and it automatically crops your image into a square and that is ridiculous. Therefore, you should not use this application for taking your photos. By saying this, I mean if you are really serious to take and make professional looking photos you should use DSLR! To create steady, clear image you should use tripod that will provide you with additional stability. It doesn’t matter what is the object of your shooting, it may be a tree, bird or some fruits on the plate, you should use tripod to take steady images. This is especially important if you are about to shot at night when you can create amazing images with huge exposition.

Try to be creative and original, do not copy work of others, instead learn from their ideas and try to apply their approach in solving and presenting their images. You should become an excellent observer if you want to become an excellent photographer. Also, do not neglect the power of time and practice. Whenever and wherever you go, take your DSLR camera and shoot. Sometimes you can create amazing photos by accident, sometimes you would create the one perfect photo out of 1000, but you should make those thousand snapshots. Because you are using DSLR camera try to get the professional objectives that will give you opportunity to make astonishing images from portraits to landscapes.

Remember, that in photography quantity is also important. Make as many factors as you can and you will find the perfect one. It is not enough just to take a good photo, you should also how to use your photo editing tools. Again, the practice is the key!

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Paperbound review on PS4

Paperbound is unusual game that is interesting combination of multiplayer game and brawler. This is completely “out of the box” game that is original and interesting to provide you with a lot of fun. Occasionally it is chaotic, intense, funny mix of everything you know about gaming, while simultaneously braking all those rules. Welcome to paper Kingdom, magnificent Paperbound!

Paperbound is designed to be a multiplayer game at the first place. You will be able to join with up to four of your friends and compete in intense arena battles. Every character have three basic attacks, melee attacks, scissors (projectile attack) and ink bomb! What a game! You can use psn code generator if you do not have this game yet and jump into this wonderfull paper-like Kingdom.A little spoiler, be careful with ink, you can hurt yourself if you are not careful.Paperbound is basically a game without the story. Players controls different characters that are in fact heroes or well-known fiction characters from all Mr., over classic literature. What idea! That is really original! Your be able to control some of your favorite heroes from Miyamoto Musshi’s A Book of Five Rings,Dante’s Inferno,Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth etc. There is also a fifth book Skull Kingdom written by unknown writer. Each of those five books contains two different characters. But that is not all. You will also be able to be in the role of six well-known characters from popular indie games.

There are very nice, original background art that will fascinate you. Each book is different in terms of contents and in terms of music. The most interesting part of the game is of course, an arena brawler. You will be able to play team-based games, but they are other modes as well. Versus is mode where you are supposed to score a certain number of kills, Survival mode and Long Live The King mode. Team play have Capture the Quill mode and that is just a fancy name for classic Capture the Flag. Interesting feature as ability of player to shift their gravity at any point of the game. That gives new perspective on the game and brings a lot of fun. Paperbound is sort of a culmination of the obsession with local multiplayer over the last few years, where you are supposed to running through the same game modes again and again.

Paperbound is very interesting and original game on Playstation 4. It can give a lot of fun for you and your friends, but in any case, stay away from ink and scissors!

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Clash of Clans Witch Guide

There are many units in Clash of Clans and you should learn their specific characteristics in order to improve your gameplay. The Witch is extremely funny and useful unit in a game and we are giving you some of the best tips how to play with that unit.

You will not be able to unlock Witches until your Town Hall level 9, and you must your Dark Barracks upgraded to level 5. When you meet the requirements you may start with production of units. It will take 20 min. to produce one single unit so be ready and patient. You will need to cover cost of 12 supply per unit.The Witch has the speed of 12 and she can get both ground and air units. If you do some calculation you may conclude that for a price of 12 supply units the Witch has low health and low damage, but the real strength is in her ability to raise an army of skeletons. She can raise one skeleton every 6 seconds, so when you summarize the cost is 12 supply units for 40 skeletons per minute which is excellent ratio.

Witch is very slow unit with very low health. We may say that she is very fragile and a player must take extra care in order to save. That is his way how you can do this is by using the float spell. If you have enough dark elixir you will be thrilled with usage of the Witches in war battles or trophy hunt.If you do not have enough Dark Elixir try clash of clans hack app and gain additional resources.
For farming they are very limited because of high production cost. You can mix them with other high level units, but if you are about to spend dark elixir anyway it’s probably better to produce Golems and mix them with other units. So basically regarding strategy you should protect your Witch with other units so that she can summon skeletons.

Due to very low health Bombs and Mortars are fatal for Witches. Big Bombs may kill a Witch without any problem. Good strategy is to drop a single unit to test a area and activate traps. When you neutralize threats you can send your skeletons without any fear. The Witches nightmare is Mortar and you can use lightning spell to take Mortar down very quickly. Against Inferno Towers use freeze spell or some Hero unit.
The Witches may be very effective units if you learn how to play them. If you succeed to protect them you will be able to conquer your enemy with skeleton hordes.

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Shooting tutorial

The most important skill in FIFA 15 is surely successful shooting skill! We are giving you a short tutorial how to master shooting in FIFA 15.

Most important is to place oneself in a best possible position for a successful shoot .That includes moving a little slower than usual. You must have a correct balance, so try to steady your player by tapping left trigger (LT or L2). If being hurried when running a tap of the right bumper and that stop your player instantly. Then, shot away as the defender continues running. For greater accuracy try to move the ball to the side of the players stronger foot.

Finesse shooting is important

To do finesse shot just press RB/R1 and player will shoot the ball into the corner. The key to finesse shooting is understanding which foot the player uses to shoot and use that foot! In most cases if a player is using wrong foot, result will not be positive! Good places to use finesse are before keeper and the edges of the box.


Fake shot is legal move

Do not forget to use fake shot because it is a very powerful weapon. It is very effective against keeper because they will expect finesse shot instead fake shoot. If they dive, power a shot to the other side .You will get more accuracy if there is space between the ball and striking foot, so make sure you fake from the weak foot to the stronger one.

Contol direction and long shots

For direction push the left stick in the place you want it to go in the goal. If you are attacking right to left diagonally up left with the stick is top right of the goal. Then let go of stick and shoot button . You need to move the right stick very slowly. If you knock the ball on with the right stick you have more time to prepare your after touch. Look out for players with high shot power or long shot trait. You want them to be essential part of your team. If you do not have such players, try to figure out how to get free fifa 15 coins generator and get players with long shot trait.

Try to combine all those tips and tricks and with a little practice you will shot like a Pro!

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First Three Days in Clash of Clans


This is strategy for beginners and those who just start to play this awesome game. At beginning you will be asked to complete tutorial and after that you may start actual game. Why this three days strategy is important. Answer is very simple – for first three days in Clash of Clans you are granted Shield that will protect you from any attacks.
You may use this time to build your defensive structures like Cannons and Walls. You can attack other players during this three days period, but in that case you will lose your Shield. This period of three days is very important because it may give you proper starting point for the rest of game.

Here is the first list or things that you should do in first three days of your adventure in Clash of Clans.
At the beginning you should upgrade resource collectors and be sure to build Mines. Do not forget to upgrade them to the highest possible level. After you upgraded your Collectors and Mines, build Gold and Elixir Storage and also upgrade them. Then upgrade your Town Hall. At third day, when you have just one day of protective Shield, start to build your defenses. Start with Mortars, then build Archer Towers, Cannons and Walls. This is nice strategy that will give you solid defense when your protection period expires on fourth day and you become vulnerable to attacks.
So, now you know what you should do, but here is another list of things that you should not do I first period of the game. Very important is to not build second Elixir or Gold Storage.

You will just lose resources if you build them, at the beginning of the game it is simple waste of resources and money. Do not build any defensive structures, including Walls during first two days. As we already mentioned use that time to build resource collectors. One important thing is not to attack other players in multiplayer because you will lose your Shield and be open to any attack while your defense is not ready yet. Another warning is not to spend Gems on building or upgrading resources. If you are in a lack of resources you can check around to find best clash of clans hack available and use it to get more resources.

This was short strategy about what you should and should not do in first three days of your Clash of Clans experience. If you follow this strategy, you will be able to continue on, with solid resources and reliable defense. Happy gaming!

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How to get more resources in Clash of Clans

This game is simply great, but what will you do when upgrades start getting more expensive? It can take days to wait for resources, in the later stages of the game. This is the part when the farming jumps in. Farming is the practice of purposely lowering your level, in order to steal the resources you need and you attack players which are weaker. Here we are going to show you how to farm effectively and how you can get those upgrades that you need.

Word of notice though: I personally do not use cheats for clash of clans but there are really good ones that can be used if you know a bit of French language, its called Clash of Clans Triche , which actually means cheats on French.

View post on imgur.com

First, prepare to farm. You need to know the elements of farming. It is a term (farming) which describes how to attack weaker towns for their resources. It will involve purposely losing, in order to drop down to lower level, which gives you the opportunity to attack weaker opponents. Although this game has several systems in place to try prevent farming, it will require to manipulate some things in your favor. farming is based on your Town hall level and on your trophies. You will need to balance your level and trophies because you will be given penalties if you attack towns which are more than one level below your Town Hall.

Second, you need to configure your town. Before you even start farming you need to make sure that your town is set up properly for protecting your resources and allowing you to lose enough to drop down the level that you want to be. Here are a few strategies which you should keep on your mind when you are designing your town:

– You need to protect your storages. You are farming for resources, so you don’t want any intruders to take your spoils. The best thing you can do is to place your storage in the center of your town and surround it with several walls and different defensive buildings. This should protect them and keep them safe.

– Also, place your Town Hall outside your walls. This maybe look like it will hurt, but don’t worry, that is not the whole point. This will give more room inside your walls for storages and it will allow other players to lower your trophies fast – which is necessary for staying at the level you want.

– Do not put together your resource buildings. Spread them out all over the base.

– You need to place advanced resource collectors inside your walls and you need to leave the others outside.

Do not forget to check the game every six to eight hours to collect the resources from the collectors.

Also, you need to get the ‘Sweet Victory’ achievement. After you win a certain number of trophies from multiplayer battles you will get roughly enough gems so you can purchase the fourth Builder’s Hut. This is necessary for keeping your town upgraded.

You need to get about 1000 – 1300 trophies. This is considered as the ideal range for farming and allows you to get significant amounts of resources. And you don’t need to come across enemies who are too powerful. If you have strong base and very good troops you can climb up to 2500 – 3000 trophies. This is because you can find more loot such as dark elixir.

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Top Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Games we can expect in 2015

The Xbox One’s been battling a daunting task after Microsoft initially demonstrated to it off in a presentation in May of a year ago. Numerous were agitated with the comfort being constantly online and the way that Microsoft decided to concentrate on things like TV and games rather than amusements (a staple of their presentations right now), keeping in mind Microsoft stepped back a considerable amount from both of those regardless it soured numerous clients on the reassure.


In the wake of falling behind the Nintendo’s consoles like 3DS and Wii U , or Ps4 for some time , it appears like the Xbox One’s at last picking up its balance with a value cut and some strong titles. 2015 resembles a decent year to be a holder of the reassure, with a few of its exclusives being the absolute most intriguing looking amusements of the year.

News: Some interested advances were made in regard to emulators for these games. I just noticed there is a completely new version of 3ds emulator at http://3dsemulatorx.net/ that can run games much better then older versions of the emulator.

So, here’s our rundown of the main Top Games for 2015

Ascent of the Tomb Raider

While 2013’s Tomb Raider had a few issues it was all around a really damn great diversion, so many individuals were obviously cheerful when its continuation Rise of The Tomb Raider was proclaimed at Microsoft’s E3 2014 public interview. This bliss rapidly offered approach to perplexity, then again, as nobody appeared to be certain whether it was a restrictive or not. Turns out its simply a timed selective, discharging on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 occasion 2015 and at some point later on different stages.

Dead Island 2

The first Dead Island has a few genuine tone issues. It was declared by means of a truly sensational and compelling CG trailer, which recounted the story of a family being assaulted and overpowered by the undead at an excursion resort – played in opposite, beginning with a dead little zombie young lady who’d simply been tossed out a window. This made a great many people accept that the diversion would concentrate vigorously on the more sensational parts of a zombie end times. At that point the diversion ended up being for the most part about reviling at zombies while squashing their heads into goop. This was, without a doubt, a tad jostling.

Batman: Arkham Knight

How would you say farewell to an arrangement that you’ve taken a shot at for just about five, going on six, years? Why, with a colossal city, a Batmobile and huge amounts of antagonists obviously! In the wake of having WB Games Montreal create the to a great extent disappointing Batman: Arkham Origins, Rock steady are once again for one final ride with the Caped Crusader.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Microsoft diehards have as of now experienced this Polish dream RPG arrangement focused around the works of essayist Andrzej Sapkowski because of The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition on Xbox 360, and those needing more are doubtlessly anticipating the third and last diversion in the arrangement.

Beneath With titles like Sword & Sorcery and Super Time Force, Capybara Games have made truly a name for themselves in the non-mainstream diversion scene. Their most recent amusement below was first demonstrated of at Microsoft’s E3 meeting in 2013, and it’s reasonable why an entire ton of individuals are amped up for.A timed selective for the Xbox One, Below is a top-down undertaking diversion about investigating the dim profundities of a remote island.

Apparition Dust

Goodness , another Phantom Dust diversion! What’s that, you don’t know what Phantom Dust is? That being said, you’re not precisely alone about that. Discharged for the first Xbox in 2004, it was an activity/methodology diversion with card amusement fights about gathering abilities and attempting to figure out why and how the Earth’s surface turned into an appalling no man’s land. It rapidly turned into a faction hit, and now after around ten years its getting a Xbox One-selective revamp.

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Technology Trends in 2015

technology   Network-Technology


Gartner becomes a strategic technology trend as you with the risk of significant impact within the organization within the next three years. Factors that denote significant impact add a high potential for disruption for the business, end users or IT, the necessity for a important investment, or the chance of being late to consider. These technologies impression the organization’s long-term ideas, programs and projects.
“We have identified the highest 10 engineering developments that will organizations cannot afford to be able to ignore of their strategic planning procedures, inch said Level Cearley, vice president & Gartner A great many other. “This does not mean adoption as well as investment in each of the trends for the identical pace, but corporations should utilize make chat choices concerning them through the entire next two several years. ”
Mr. Cearley said the highest trends intended for 2015 protect three themes: the merging in the real as well as exclusive sides, the introduction of intelligence everywhere, and the particular technology impact in the digital business shift.
The top proper engineering trends with regards to 2015 usually are:
1: Precessing just about everywhere (first calendar year on list)

Mobile-device proliferation is usually an noticeable trend. Gartner thinks you will notice a change of focus from devices to the way the user as well as device interact in a variety of environments as well as contexts.
simply two: Web of Elements (fourth calendar year with list)

Gartner offers chosen to be able to reemphasize the particular four fundamental “usage” designs: Manage, Profit from, Function, as well as Extend. Moreover, it reiterates: Do not focus too closely inside IoT, but ingest your entire image. Strung LeHong, vice innovator and Gartner all kinds of other said, “This expanded besides comprehensive view from the internet is what Gartner calls the world wide web of Every thing. ”
3: 3d stamping (second calendar year with list)

Gartner believes which 3D publishing will still grow in a wonderful pace for the longer term. Businesses must turn out to be alert as well as reevaluate industry position determined by what influence 3D printing often have on his or her items as well as cost style.
4: Sophisticated, pervasive, besides invisible analytics (first calendar year on list)

Gartner said which embedded methods (IoT) is only going to increase the particular crush involving methodized as well as unstructured info already answering corporation listings. The amount and a variety of data will probably demand more difficult analytics than can be found. A Gartner researcher said, “The value was a student in the responses, not the info. ”
5: Context-rich devices (first calendar year with list)

Gartner thinks phase 2 will be so that you can ingrain brains in IoT devices that could interact together with your advanced analytics described earlier, leading to systems that will wont simply report, but reply to enviromentally welcoming conditions. According so that you can Gartner, “Context-aware security is usually an early on application of the new functionality, however others arrive up. inch
6: Smart machines (second calendar year on list)

The put together advanced analytics besides context-rich inserted devices will probably evolve inside smart equipment. Prototypes involving autonomous vehicles, sophisticated robots, and such will take in the most disruptive smart-machine era from the history of this.
7: Cloud/client control (sixth calendar year with list)

“Cloud is definitely the new kind of elastically scalable, self-service control, and each inside purposes and external applications will probably be built on this kind of new model, ” Cearley explained. “While network besides bandwidth prices may still favor apps that utilize intelligence as well as storage from the client product successfully, coordination as well as management depends from the cloud. inch
8: Software-defined reasons and commercial infrastructure (second calendar year on list)

Expanding the particular digital surroundings to feature your entire physical world need flexibility — anything existing hardware-controlled networks don’t own. Software-defined networks, storage, files centers, and security will be required to make it most work.
9: Web-scale THAT (second calendar year with list)

Gartner feels that organizations will start incorporating global-class research into your business setting. “The primary step must be DevOps — having development as well as operations together in a very coordinated way they are driving rapid, continuous incremental advancement of applications besides services. inch
10: Risk-based stableness and self-protection (first calendar year on list)

Gartner is pursuing the particular lead involving stability commentators and reassessing exactly what security implies. Rather than carrying out work toward comprehensive protection since previously. Gartner plus some others advise security establishing through danger assessments may be a more reasonable goal — and it also won’t slow down advance. Gartner furthermore raised an appealing notion: “Perimeters as well as firewalls usually are don’t plenty of; every app needs to be self-aware as well as self-protecting. inch.

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