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Ibm At

Vintage IBM Personal Computer AT 5170 FOR PARTS/REPAIR AS-IS


Vintage IBM Model F PC AT Buckling Spring Mechanical Keyboard - PARTS REPAIR


Vintage IBM Personal Computer AT Clicky XT KEYBOARD Model F 'AT' See pics


Full Size AT Tower Computer Enclosure Case Build IBM PC 386 486 Pentium Vintage


IBM Model F (M?) AT Mechanical Keyboard Part No. 139750


AT&T KBD 305 buckling spring mechanical keyboard IBM model M knockoff


NEW XT AT to USB Soarer's Converter +Remapping +Macros +NKRO Support IBM Model F


Vintage Computer IBM AT Model F Keyboard with Microsoft Word Template


IBM by Lexmark Model M "Clicky" Mechanical Keyboard AT Connector 1398601 1991


Vintage IBM PC AT 5170 125MB HDD MS-DOS 3.3 & Clicky Keyboard 1391401


Vintage AT Computer Case Full Tower Server Build IBM PC 386 486 Pentium DOS Box


Unitek K-158-1 IBM Compatible 5 Pin XT AT Switchable Keyboard Mint


IBM PC 300PL Vintage Computer 386 AT 64MB 4GB Windows NT And BIOS In Japanese


New Retail Boxed Keytronic 3270 keyboard Fully IBM PC XT AT compatible 5 pin din


IBM PC/3278 8 Bit ISA Emulation Adapter Board, from an IBM AT - ships worldwide!


IBM Model M 1390120 Vintage Clicky Keyboard AT 1986 Silver Square Label


The Pawn By Magnetic Scrolls Very rare for IBM PC/XT/AT Tandy PC and Compatible


Vintage IBM Personal computer AT Keyboard 6450200 84 Key Year 1985


IBM PC 8-Bit Matrox PG-640 Video Card w/8088 CPU Very Rare CGA PC XT AT


New in Box Vintage IBM PC Keyboard KB-8923 PS/AT Works


Vintage DataLux Keyboard + adapter XT/AT Computer Peripheral IBM Apple Commodore


IBM AT Motherboard  256/512 K  Removed from a working System


Brochure IBM Personal Computer AT Vintage Literature 1984 IBS


IBM XT AT PC 8 Bit ISA Mountain Hard Drive Controller


Vintage Sysgen 3.5" Bridge-File External Floppy Disk Drive for IBM PC-XT, PC AT.


Amiga 2000 HD original box as is system IBM AT 68030 rare Vintage Commodore hdwr


Amiga 3000T original box as is system IBM AT 68030 rare Vintage Commodore hdwr


Vintage IBM Mechanical AT Keyboard | Mechanical Keyboard


Vintage IBM PC AT 286 5170 - TEAC 3.5 Floppy Drive Internal FD-235HF


Arnet Modular Multiport Adapter Card 8 Port 8 Bit IBM PC XT PC AT Vintage Rare


IBM Model F + M Buckling Spring - KEYCHAINS Clicky Keyboard Switch Tester AT XT


WD Paradise VGA 8-Bit or 16-Bit ISA, TESTED GOOD, PVGA1A Plus-16 IBM PC/XT/AT


TSI Model 1096210 Interface Cable For IBM PC/AT/PS2


EIZO MD-B10 Rev. B ISA 16bit UHigh Resolution Graphics Board for IBM PC/AT/XT


20Mb Ibm MFm Hard Disk Drive Made In Rochester MN USA Pc At


71G4644 Vintage IBM Enhanced Keyboard PARTS or REPAIR KEY Standard Wired AT


Black Vintage AT Computer Case Mid Tower Build PC 386 486 w/ power supply NEW


Model F AT - Fully Tested, in Excellent Condition!