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Mineral Sphere

Polychrome Jasper Crystal Quartz Sphere Mineral Ball Orb with Stand - 55mm


2.3" Rich Blue Sodalite Sphere Natural Quartz Mineral Ball Polished Stone Brazil


56mm GOLDEN "HEALER" QUARTZ Sphere Crystal Stone Mineral Specimen Display 9oz!


53mm Bronzite Sphere Natural Golden Brown Shimmering Mineral Gemstone - Africa


56mm RAINBOW MOONSTONE Healing Sphere Crystal Stone Mineral Specimen 8.7oz!


Agate Red and Yellow mineral sphere


Raw Ore Turquoise Stone Mineral Stone Healing Ball Sphere


61mm Indian BLOODSTONE Healing Sphere Crystal Stone Mineral Specimen 11.5oz!


40mm SOLID COPPER SPHERE Crystal Stone Mineral Specimen Display 10.2oz!


Raw ore turquoise stone mineral stone Healing Ball Sphere Green


2.1" Deep Green Jade Sphere Polished Nephrite Gemstone Crystal Mineral - India


2.3" Blue Graphic Amazonite Sphere Sparkling Natural Mineral Stone - Madagascar


2" Blue Apatite Sphere Sparkling Natural Mineral Polished Crystal - Madagascar


2.3" MAHOGANY Obsidian Sphere Polished Gemstone Crystal Mineral - Mexico + Stand


HIGH GRADE Aventurine Green Gemstone Ball Carving Sphere Mineral Crystal Healing


Rhodochrosite Mineral Sphere


55mm PINK AGATE Healing Sphere Crystal Stone Mineral Specimen Display 8.2oz!


52mm Black Tourmaline Schorl Crystal Sphere Polished Stone Mineral Africa +Stand


Carved Crystal Ball Sphere Marble Small Rock Mineral Holder


Ruby with Kyanite Mineral Sphere


XXL 2.9lb 3.7" Pink Rhodochrosite Sphere Natural White Druzy Mineral Stone Peru


3.1" Natural Golden Chalcopyrite /w Calcite Crystal Mineral Sphere Ball - China


3.1" 2.3LB Garnet Sphere Red Almandine Gemstone Crystal Mineral Ball from India


3.2" 1.8lb Unakite Sphere Red Jasper & Green Epidote Natural Mineral Stone China


3.2" Green Jade Crystal Sphere Natural Jadeite Nephrite Mineral Stone Ball India


2.6" Ruby Fuchsite w/ Blue Kyanite Gemstone Crystal Mineral Sphere Ball - India


3.4" 2.4LB Indigo Gabbro Sphere Polished Gemstone Crystal Mineral - Madagascar


2.9" Natural Yellow Jade Crystal Sphere Polished Jadeite Mineral Stone - India


3.1" 700g Banded Black Agate Sphere Fortification Crystal Mineral Ball - India


2.1" Purple / Yellow Mookaite Jasper Sphere Gemstone Crystal Mineral - Australia


2.8" Dyed Dark Blue Agate Crystal Sphere Polished Banded Mineral Stone - India


2.4" Blue Sodalite Sphere Natural Mineral Ball Crystal Stone of Wisdom - Africa


3.5" 2.2lb Leopardite Jasper Sphere Leopard Skin Natural Mineral Stone Ball Pe


2.5" Rainbow Clear Quartz Sphere Polished Crystal Mineral Gem Stone Ball - China


68mm Rainbow Clear Quartz Sphere Natural Sparkling Mineral Stone Ball - China


2.1" Purple Amethyst Crystal Sphere Natural Polished Quartz Mineral Stone China


49mm Chlorite Quartz Sphere Natural Green Phantom Crystal Polished Mineral Ball


68mm Mystic Merlinite Indigo Gabbro Sphere Natural Mineral Stone - Madagascar


69mm Maryam / Coquina Jasper Sphere Natural Fossil Mineral Stone Ball - India