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Roman Gold Solidus

3192 Ancient Roman gold solidus coin Tiberius II Constantine 6 century AD,4.47g


Valens (364-378 AD). AV Solidus (19 - 20-21 mm, 3.99 g) Ancient Gold Roman coin


Ancient Roman Gold Solidus Coin in Solid 18kt Gold Pendant Valens A.D. 364-378


Roman Empire Gold Solidus - Constantine the Great Portrait


Late Roman Gold Solidus. Theodosius II. 402-450 AD.


Late Roman Gold Solidus. Arcadius 383-408 AD.


Roman Gold Solidus Emp. Constantius II (337-361 AD) Ch Fine NGC - SKU#177512


Justinian I (527-565 AD) Gold Solidus Byzantine Empire Eastern Holy Roman Empire




Eastern Roman Empire Arcadius AD 383-408 AV Solidus 4.55g Gold Coin NGC Ch AU


Phocas (602 - 610 AD) East Roman Empire Gold Solidus Constantinople VF/XF


Justinian I (527-565 AD) gold solidus Byzantine Empire Roman Lustrous AU-UNC


Roman Empire. LEO 1st. 457-474 AD. Gold SOLIDUS. Constantinople. Nice!


Leo I, 457-474 AD, Gold Solidus East. Roman Empire, NGC Ch XF Ancient Strike 5/5


Roman Gold Solidus Emperor Honorius (393-423 AD) MS NGC - SKU#161367


337-361 Roman Empire Gold Solidus Constantius II NGC CH AU


383-408 AD ARCADIUS - Eastern Roman Empire *NGC AU* Gold Solidus Coin!


Eastern Roman Gold Solidus of Leo I (457-474 AD) MS NGC - SKU#161364


JULIAN II the Apostate Philosopher 361AD Ancient Roman Gold Solidus Coin NGC VF


Zeno, 474-491 AD, Gold Solidus, East. Roman Empire, NGC AU Ancient, Strike 4/5


Eastern Roman Empire Leo I AD 457-474 AV Solidus (4.47g) NGC CH AU Gold Coin 


Eastern Roman Empire, Leo I, Gold Solidus, NGC CH XF, AD 457-474


JULIAN II 361 AD Authentic Ancient Roman Pedigreed GOLD SOLIDUS Coin NGC Ch XF


AELIA PULCHERIA Authentic Ancient 423AD Roman GOLD Solidus Coin NGC AU i71694


Solid Roman Gold ! Heraclius AD 610-641 Gold Semissis W.T.B. 1/2 a gold solidus


JULIAN II 361AD Authentic Ancient Roman GOLD SOLIDUS Coin NGC Certified AU


THEODOSIUS II Authentic Ancient 441AD Gold Solidus Roman Coin NGC MS i72397


GOLD Ancient Roman Byzantine Coin Solidus Heraclius                             


383-405 AD - Arcadius - Eastern Roman Empire - AU -Solidus Gold Coin


NGC Roman GOLD Solidus, Emperor ZENO, Reigned During Fall Of Western Empire


Roman Imperial Gold Coin THEODOSIUS II 408-450 AD AV Solidus Thessalonica TESOB


VALENTINIAN III Emperor 425-455 Roman Empire Gold Solidus Superb Coin AU


3188 Ancient Roman gold solidus Justinus II 6 century AD,4.50g