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Rough Necklace

Cresent Moon Pendant with Raw Rough Stone Necklace - Hippie Bohemian Boho Witchy

US $7.99

Woman’s Jewelry 3 Strands Blue Glass Rough Round Agate Necklace

US $24.25

Genuine Blue Azurite Morocco Rough Specimen Indigo Gemstone Pendant Necklace

US $18.99

Women’s Jewelry 3 Strands Onyx Gemstone Magnetic Clasp Rough Stone Bib Necklace

US $22.75

Clear stone pendant and rough clear stone necklace. Auquamaine? Home shopping HT

US $20.00

Genuine Madagascar Ruby Rough Raw Gemstone Silver Plated Chain Pendant Necklace

US $15.00

Kyanite Rough With Tanzanite Quartz Royal Design Gemstone Jewelry Necklace 18''

US $12.26

925 Sterling Silver Rough Blue Aura Quartz Crystals HAMSA Pendant Necklace 18"

US $19.99

2" Rough Selenite Pendant On Cord Selenite Crystal Necklace Chain Reiki Chakra.

US $11.04

Claudia Agudelo ExEx 16.5-18" Sterling Silver Rough Hewn Turquoise Bead Necklace

US $29.00

Silver Rough Finish Long Chain Rose Gold Filigree Design Clover Pendant Necklace

US $8.99

17'' 3 Rows Round Rectangle Purple Amethyst Necklace Amethyst Rough Pendant

US $39.50

Unique 14K Yellow Gold Rough Colombian Emerald Pendant for Necklace

US $89.99

3 Colombian Emerald Rough Long Gemstones 14K Yellow Gold Necklace 18"

US $124.99

RESIN DRUZY NECKLACE faux plated smokey quartz rough geode tassel pendant new Q3

US $6.99

Gold Rough Finish Long Chain Hematite Filigree Design Clover Pendant Necklace

US $8.99

Stainless steel Vacuum gold plating Rough chain Bear Necklace Bracelet Set

US $16.98

RARELY SEEN!100% Natural China Xinjiang Gobi Eye Agate Rough Ore Necklace

US $19.99

Raw Garnet Necklace Rough Cut Rustic Wine Red Sterling Silver Beaded Bar Grade A

US $26.00

Rainbow Moonstone Rough 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

US $25.00

Puka Shell Necklaces Rough Cut Surfer, Boho 17 Inches 3 Color Choices

US $6.00

Genuine Blue Sapphire Rough Raw Gemstone Silver Plated Chain Pendant Necklace

US $15.00

rough chunky red coral choker indigenous necklace figure 8 clasp

US $11.39

Beautiful Blue Rough Druzy With Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstone Jewelry Necklace 18"

US $6.50

Necklace Natural Citrine Polished Uneven Rough Beads 16"

US $23.74

Natural Kunzite Gemstone Spodumene Pink Rough Specimen Oval Pendant Necklace

US $22.00


US $485.00

Natural Agate Druzy with Rough Citrine Gold Electroplate Pendant Long Necklace

US $32.00

Natural Rough Baroque Tahitian Black Graduated Bead Pearl Necklace Sterling

US $99.95

Natural Agate Druzy with Rough Quartz Crystal Gold Electroplate Pendant Necklace

US $32.00

5 Carat Natural Rough Uncut Diamonds Diamond Necklace y

US $45.00