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Starrett Pin Vise

240D Pin Vise Tapered Collet Starrett USA .110-200"






Starrett 240D Pin Vise Tapered Collet USA .110-200" NEW!


STARRETT No.162A Nickel Plated Pin Vise, 0 - .040” (0 - 1mm ) Range work. "USA"


Pin Vise Set,0-0.187 In,Nickel,4 Pc STARRETT S162Z


Starrett New Pin Vise No. 166D [email protected]@K No Reserve Machinist's Die Maker's [email protected]@K.....


STARRETT Pin Vise Set 4 Jaws s166


Starrett No.165 Pin Vise


Pin Vise,0.045-0.135 In,Tapered Collet STARRETT 240C


Pin Vise,0.010-0.055 In,Tapered Collet STARRETT 240A


Starrett 3-Piece Pin Vise Set - A, B and C.


Pin Vise,0.025-0.075 In,Tapered Collet STARRETT 240B


STARRETT Pin Vise Set,0-0.187 In,Nickel,4 Pc, S162Z


STARRETT Pin Vise,0.025-0.075 In,Tapered Collet, 240B


Starrett 165 Pin Vise


STARRETT Pin Vise,0.110-0.200 In,Tapered Collet, 240D


STARRETT Double End Pin Vise,0-0.125 In,Nickel, 165


Starrett Pin Vise, 0.045-0.135 In, Tapered Collet, 240-C, New


Pin Vise,0-.040 In,PVC Handle STARRETT 166A


STARRETT Pin Vise,.025"-.075", Double Bevel Collet, 240B Pre-owned Excellent


Pin Vise Set STARRETT S162


Starrett 162A Pin Vise, 0-0.040" Range


STARRETT Pin Vise,0.030-0.062 In,PVC Handle, 166B


L.s. Starrett 51137 240b Pin Vise W/tapered


STARRETT Pin Vise,0.050-0.125 In,PVC Handle, 166C


Lot 2 STARRETT PIN VISE L S Starrett Athol AS shown ...


STARRETT Pin Vise,0-.040 In,PVC Handle, 166A


STARRETT Pin Vise,0.045-0.135 In,Tapered Collet, 240C


L.S. Starrett No.165 Double End Pin Vise 0-.125" Range


Starrett 166C Pin Vise With Insulated Octagonal Handle, 0.050"-0.125" Range


166B Pin Vise w/Handle EDP50610 Starrett


Starrett Pin Vise, 0.115-0.187 In, PVC Handle - 166D


Pin Vise,0.110-0.200 In,Tapered Collet STARRETT 240D


Starrett double ended PIN VISE #165 NEW Showroom stock